Zirconium Mesh is popular for providing supreme corrosion resistance properties. It looks like silver metal and has very high melting point about 1855℃ or 3371℃. It is a best choice for use in nuclear plants. Zirconium mesh can serve up to 2700℃.

Zirconium mesh easily forms an oxide layer that shines like steel. Its corrosion resistance potential is much superior to titanium. It is specifically useful in chemical filtration, electronics and aerospace applications. Zirconium ultra fine mesh is also used in optical systems to prevent the unnecessary radiation, debris and contaminants. It is used as purity filters and debris shields for its good strength and nominal EUV absorption.

Zirconium Mesh Properties:
• Small cross-section area for neutron absorption
• Prevents metal loss in the severe service media
• Very high melting temperature
• Better corrosion prevention than titanium
• Insoluble in HF and aqua regia

About Zirconium:
Zirconium is a hard and bright metal that easily dissolves in warm and concentrated acids but is insoluble in water and cold acids. It is wonderfully corrosion resistant and mildly toxic. At the elevated temperatures, it interacts with non-metallic elements to develop solid compounds.

Zirconium Mesh Applications:
• Anodes for cathode security
• Combined metal oxide anodes for use in heat exchangers, oil & gas pipe lines.
• Zirconium mesh ultra thin membranes
• Aerospace
• Military
• Nuclear plants