Wedge wire screen

1: Material:the basis is SS304 SS316, including all the above stainless steel metals that can be welded and nickel-based alloys, titanium alloys, two-way stainless steel and other materials

2: The advantages of the filter (V-shaped wire is welded and formed, the filter gap is formed into a bell mouth, it has the characteristics of no clogging through the material, easy to penetrate, good backwash effect, etc. In addition, such products have large welding strength, very good firmness, and tensile strength is 1100-1600N/mm² (The processing technology of this product is resistance welding, and the welding method with other connectors is argon arc welding)

3: The product filtering surface is outside (the smooth surface is outside), the minimum diameter is 1 inch, the maximum is 1100mm, and the length is within 3000mm; (one-time forming, no secondary splicing is required), the filtering surface is inside (the smooth surface is inside, the filtering direction is Inside to outside) The minimum diameter is 100mm, the maximum size is unlimited (according to customer needs)

4: The matching principle of precision and surface silk: large gap & large size surface silk, otherwise small gap & small size surface silk
Surface wire 1.0*2mm 0.75*1.425mm 0.5*1mm welding gap range: 25 microns -1000 microns (tolerance is ±0.015mm)
Surface wire 1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm welding gap range: 0.1mm-3mm (±0.05mm)
Surface wire 2.2mm 2.5mm 3.0mm welding gap range: 0.3-5mm (±0.05mm)
Conventional specifications of surface wire: 0.5*1.0 0.75*1.425 1*2 1.2*2.4 1.5*2.5 2*3 2*4 2.2*4.5 3*5 (wedge wire)