Tungsten wire mesh is special due to the metal used. With purity more than 99.9% Tungsten is a greyish white refractory metal, has the highest tensile strength among all metals. The metal has the highest melting point and the lowest vapor pressure. Tungsten is extracted from ores, crushed to become powdery and thereafter mixed and molded to create the wire mesh.

Material: tungsten wire
Tungsten content ≧99.95%
Mesh Count: 2-200 mesh
Color: Black Grey
Types: flash edge tungsten woven mesh, wrapped edge tungsten woven mesh.
Hole pattern: square hole, rectangle hole.
Wire diameter: 0.053mm-0.6mm

Tungsten wire mesh surface is smooth, greaseless and no broken wire. Tungsten wire is with stable nature, large resistance, high melting point, resistance to high temperature of 3400 degrees. Tungsten wire mesh can ba widely used in various mechanical, electrical, air conditioner, filter, vacuum equipment, heating and special purposes.

Electromagnetic shielding mesh, vacuum heat treatment furnace grate, RF electromagnetic shielding, light filtering. Tungsten wire mesh is high temperature resistant and often used as vacuum furnace tungsten mesh heating element, heat treatment supporting wire mesh.