Titanium woven wire mesh is a kind of products with outstanding corrosion resistance, low density and nontoxic performance. In the corrosion environment, the surface of high purity titanium mesh will form an oxidation film layer to protect wire mesh from being corroded. The layer is compact and inert, which has strong resistance to the corrosion. It has excellent corrosion resistant performance in below environment: Seawater, wet chlorine, chlorite and hypochlorite solution, nitric acid, chromic acid, metal chlorides and organic salts.


Material grade: TA1, TA2 GR1, GR2
Weaving type: plain weave, twill weave and dutch weave.
Wire diameter: 0.05 – 0.5mm
Mesh size: 2 mesh – 400 mesh.
Color: black or bright.


Low density and high tensile strength.
Excellent Corrosion resistance.
High temperature resistance.
Outstanding filtration performance.
Good thermal property.
Acid and alkali resistance.


The titanium woven wire mesh can be used in various field in the below.
Military industry
Chemical industry.
Mechanical industry.
Satellite and aerospace.
Environmental industry.
Electroplating industry.
Battery industry.