Titanium Anode

Type: woven mesh/expanded mesh/plate
Base material: TA1/TA2/Gr1/Gr2//Nickel
Coating material: ruthenium coating/iridium coating/Ir-Rum coating/Ir-Ta coating/platinum coating
Coating thickness: 0.5-10 micron
Service life: 1-3 years



  1. According to the electrochemical reaction in the anodic precipitation of gas to distinguish, chlorine precipitation is called chlorine evolution anode, such as ruthenium coating titanium electrode; oxidation is called oxygen evolution anode, such as iridium coating titanium electrode and platinum titanium mesh/plate. Chlorine analysis anode (ruthenium coating titanium electrode) : high content of chloride ion in electrolyte, generally in hydrochloric acid environment and electrolytic sea water, electrolytic salt water environment.
  2. Oxygen evolution anode (iridium coated titanium electrode) : the electrolyte is generally sulfuric acid environment.
  3. Coated with platinum anode: titanium as the substrate. The surface is coated with platinum, the thickness of the coating is generally 0.5-5μm, and the size of the platinum titanium mesh is generally 12.5×4.5mm or 6×3.5mm.

Titanium Anode

Titanium Anode Titanium Anode