Molybdenum Wire Mesh is a type of woven wire mesh, which is made of pure molybdenum wires or alloy wires. According to the weaving patterns, molybdenum wire mesh has plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave patterns with square and rectangular shaped holes on surface.

Material: molybdenum wire, molybdenum alloy wire.
Wire diameter: 0.02mm – 4.87mm.
Mesh account: 1 mesh – 400 mesh
Melting points: 2610°C – 2640°C.
Weaving pattern: plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave.
Hole pattern: square hole, rectangular hole, etc.

High tensile strength.
Low elongation.
Acid and alkaline resistant.
Corrosion resistant.
High temperature resistant.
Good electricity-conductivity.
Various hole shapes.
Excellent filtering performance.

Molybdenum wire mesh has corrosion, heat-conductivity and is widely used in high temperature field for sieving and filtering. The main application fields are:
Nuclear power filed.
Electro-vacuum industry.
Glass furnaces.
Oil and gas industry.
New energy industries.
Food processing industry.