Knitted wire mesh

Kniteed woven wire mesh
Goods Description
Material: stainless steel, copper, aluminum, nickel, other alloys.
Dimension: All the sizes are customized as per your drawings, we offer common
specifications below as reference.

Characteristics of Knitted Wire Mesh
Various materials to choose.
The interlocking-loop construction protect the mesh from damage (exceeding the material’s
yield point).
High porosity, less pressure drops.
Great corrosion resistance for long service life.
Light weight and low cost.
Large surface area, high demisting efficiency.

Usage of Knitted Wire Mesh
Knitted wire mesh can be used as cleaning gauze. Apart from these, added mesh grille and
support means, knitted wire meshes can be made into various demister pads (mist eliminator)
with different materials, which is widely used to remove large liquid foam in suspended
stream, and to filter out tinny liquid foam in gas-liquid separation device in the industries
such as chemical, petroleum, tower manufacturing, pressure vessels. There are several types
of demister pads with alternative materials, surface area, structures, please provide us with