Mesh Discs
Mesh discs (sometimes referred to as pack screens or filter discs) are made from woven or sintered metal wire sheets. The quality wire mesh discs come in a variety of metal materials and are available in several sizes, styles, and thicknesses for virtually any application. Our products are sturdy, long-lasting, functional, and versatile.
The long list of residential, recreational, agricultural, medical, commercial, and industrial uses for wire mesh include filtration, sorting, separation, and sieving of powders, chemicals, abrasives, wood, paper, fertilizer, animal feed, and other materials and particles.
When you browse our selection, you’ll find standard wire mesh discs as well as mesh filters consisting of rare alloys and weaves.

Features & Uses
The wire mesh is available in a diverse range of disc options, including single-layer, multi-layer, covered edges, welded, and sintered. Our products can be used with endless devices, gadgets, tools, appliances, and machines. You can place wire mesh discs in:


brass,aluminum,stainless steel 304,316,316L,etc.

Mesh type

woven mesh, dutch mesh, perforated metal, expended metal, sintered mesh, etched mesh, etc.

Discs Types

 single-layer and multi-layer;edge covered disc,multi-layer welded disc,multi-layer sintered disc, etc.


any is available according to your requirement.


1. Chemical products
2. Foodstuffs and spices (milk powder, coffee, tea, rice, grains)
3. Stones and powders (minerals, diamond sizing, ores, alumina)
4. Pharmaceutical products
5. Boards and fixing plates  (dividing shavings and wadding)
6. Paper (sieving wood shavings, preparation of coatings)
7. Metal powders (Precision sieving of metal powders)
8. Rubber
9. Animal feedstuffs (dedusting pellets, sieving crumbs, molasses based foodstuffs) 10.Fertilisers (phosphates, potash, urea, mixed fertilisers)
11. Sugar and salt (sizing)
12. plastic Recycling

We can spot welding the mesh discs to stabilize the structure before we add frame on it.

Deep processing disc
The material of the frame can be stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel.

Deep processing disc